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    Sundog is an electronic/alternative/experimental/rock band from New Delhi, India founded by Rahul Das in 2011. What was originally intended to be an underground solo project exploring visceral self exploration and at times stumbling towards the surreal and subconscious, spiraled into a full blown band by 2012. Disavowing the musical style and influences of most of their contemporaries, the band has a densely layered sound which contains elements of electronica, industrial, alternative rock, goth, dark wave, new wave and orchestral sounds amongst others.

    The bands line up consists of founder and primary songwriter/composer Rahul Das (vocals, guitars, synth, electronics, production), Anupam Roy (bass, production, mixing and mastering), Shardul Mehta (drums, percussion and electronic drums) Viraj Mohan (synth, electronics, vocals, guitars) and Rahul Sainani (guitars, vocals and percussion). As of 2013 the band has released their debut record Hex1/Visions and are rehearsing material for an ongoing tour.

  • Music

    HEX-1 / Visions

  • The Visual Art

    Bespoke graphic art developed exclusively by SundogProject

    Hex1 - Hole

    Hex1 - Face

    Hex1 - Face/3

    Hex1 - The Siren

    Hex2 - Visitations

    Hex1 - The Oracle

  • Video

    Witching Hour - Live Rehearsal

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